Help and FAQ

A: rewards you for discovering new free apps on your device. When you download and open a new app from one of our sponsors you will earn credits. Once you earn enough credits, head over to the store and use the credits to purchase gift cards from your favorite stores. It's that simple.
A: will work on your device as long as you meet the system requirements.
System Requirements:
  • Apple (iOS) Devices
  • iOS 6 or greater
  • Jailbroken devices are not supported
  • Safari browser
  • Cookies need to be enabled.
  • Private browsing must be set to OFF
A: When you register your device by installing the secure profile, it lets our systems get basic information about your device. It allows our systems to keep track of the credits you have earned by downloading the free apps. Don't worry, no personal information about you can be accessed by
A: When you click on 'Register' you will be prompted by your Apple device to install the secure profile. The profile is signed and verified by your Apple device (indicated by a green check next to the word 'Verified') so it is safe and secure. Click on 'Install'. You may be prompted for your pin, if so enter your pin and click 'Install' again. Once the profile is installed and our system has registered your device, the profile will automatically be removed from your device. You will be redirected back to
A: We're sorry you are having trouble. There could be a couple possible reasons for this.
  • Credits typically take 15 minutes to be rewarded, but may take as long as 24 hours.
  • You must click on the app from before downloading it.
  • After you download the app you must open it on your device. Try the app out and see if you like it.
  • The app must not be one you have already downloaded in the past, even if you have already deleted it.
  • In some cases apps will require you to do more than just open the app on your device. Sometimes you may be required to get to a certain level. If this is the case it will say so in the app description on
  • is only currently available for users in the US.
  • If you reset your Advertising Identifier after signing up our systems will have trouble rewarding your credits. If you clicked 'Reset Advertising Identifier' on your device contact us for help updating your identifier.
  • If you are still having trouble let us know
A: Yes, you can sign up for on multiple devices. However, the credits earned on each device will be associated to that device and cannot be transfered or combined.
A: This probably means your cookies have been cleared. Once you go through the registration process again and install the secure profile, our systems will recognize your device again. All the credits you have earns will also appear again.